3rd September 2018
Honeymoon vacation in Rwanda- Zanzibar Island- Rwanda Safaris

Honeymoon Vacation in Rwanda

Land of a Thousand hills- Honeymoon Vacation in Rwanda A Honeymoon Vacation in Rwanda is compared to destinations like Zanzibar Island in Tanzania, Mombasa in Kenya […]
15th June 2018
Tree climbing Lions of Ishasha in Uganda

Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha in Uganda

Somewhat off the beaten track in the far southern sector of the park, Ishasha is famous for its population of tree climbing lions. It’s one of […]
15th June 2018

Savannah Game Drives in Uganda

Game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park Game drive is the major thought of activity while at the park. The park is known to be a […]
15th June 2018
Gorillas & Wildlife Safari

Chimpanzee Tracking – Trekking Kibale forest

Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale National Park. Kibale National Park could easily be called the primate capital of the world. It is a home to a host […]
15th June 2018
Gorillas and Maasai Mara overland Safari

Gorilla Trekking – The Gentle Giants of Bwindi

Bwindi is among Uganda’s most exciting national parks and a place you can’t leave out while on a Ugandan safari. It is famously known as a […]
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